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The Growth Of Granny Cool Marmalade

Dragon’s Den has been a boisterous success as a TV show, and that has been seen all around the world but what about the businesses that come on it? How have they done as time has gone on?

One of the biggest successes the show has seen came in the form of Granny Cool Marmalade.

Surprisingly, they rejected a large deal and still ended up being a major success.

What was the reason for this growth? Why were they able to leave a major deal on the table from the Dragon’s Den investors and still do well? They persevered with the business and believed in it right from the beginning. They had faith the business could do well if they heeded some of the advice that was put forth by the dragons.

This advice did lead to great results, and they were able to change some of the things they were doing before turning everything around.

One of the major changes that ended up proving useful involved the name.

They didn’t like the Granny Cool Marmalade, so they went with Granny Marmalade instead. This did wonders for the business as it made everything concise and focused what they were selling.

They have grown leaps and bounds since coming on Dragon’s Den and turning down the deal. They are a new name and have done well on a global scale. They aren’t in small shops any longer but are spread around the world in stores.

This is what makes it an extraordinary story and one that illustrates anything is possible for those who are willing to take the positives out of their time on the TV show.

Dragon’s Den was just the beginning for these sisters, and they have gone onto turning their product into a major international success.

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